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Hydrobox900 Product Upgrade Highlights for 2024

Mar. 11, 2024

Why Upgrade to Hydrobox 900:

During the operation of small variable frequency booster pumps like HYDROBOX900, issues such as pump cavitation, pump non-stop and pump cycling may arise under specific situations. And these issues once arise, can lead to overheating, deformation of the impellers and pump body parts, resulting in water leakage and pump burnt out.

Causes of Common Issues

1-High Pressure Settings 

Excessively high pressure settings prevent the pump from shutting down in the absence of water demand.  

2-Low Inlet Water Pressure

Low inlet pressure causes cavitation, leading to a sudden drop in pump performance, preventing it from reaching the set outlet pressure.

3-Small Flow Leakage at Outlet Pipeline

Minor leaks at the outlet pipeline prevent the pump from shutting down.

Protective Strategies Implemented

To address these pump issues, we conducted a thorough upgrade of the HYDROBOX900 booster pump, incorporating both hardware and software enhancements.

1-Flow Switch At The Pump Outlet: A water flow switch was added at the pump outlet to monitor the pump's operation status in real-time. It outputs a digital signal indicating the presence or absence of water flow.

Hydrobox900 Product Upgrade Highlights for 2024

2-Temperature Sensor at Pump Outlet: A temperature sensor was installed at the pump outlet to monitor the pump body temperature in real-time, providing an analog signal output.

Hydrobox900 Product Upgrade Highlights for 2024

3-Control Panel Software Upgrade:

The control panel underwent a software

upgrade to enhance overall system performance.

Hydrobox900 Product Upgrade Highlights for 2024

HYDROBOX900 Shutdown Strategies

1-Flow Switch Shutdown:

If no water flow is detected at the outlet, the system initiates a shutdown strategy after 10 seconds, automatically stopping the pump.

The pump restarts when the outlet pressure reaches the pump starting pressure, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

2-Temperature Sensor Shutdown:

In case the flow switch fails and pump cavitation persists, the temperature sensor shutdown strategy is executed.

The pump automatically stops when the pump body temperature reaches a preset value, displaying a high-temperature alarm code ("oH") on the control panel. Manual reset is required before resuming operation.


The upgraded HYDROBOX900 incorporates advanced features such as flow switches and temperature sensors, coupled with intelligent shutdown strategies, effectively mitigating pump cavitation risks. These enhancements ensure timely and automatic pump shutdown, preventing prolonged cavitation-related issues and contributing to the longevity and reliability of the pump system.

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