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Hydrosmart Series

HYDROCALL-Smart Pump Controller

Automatic pump controller, ideal for control and protection of single phase pumps



The HYDROCALL2200 is an automatic pump controller built with smart technology.

It is designed to start and stop the pump automatically by opening and closing the water taps. It also protects the pump in case of water shortage by preventing it from dry running. It is ideal for control and protection of single phase pumps below 2.2kW. 

Features & Benefits

Plug and play operation,no manual setting    

Adaptable start-up pressure, 0-10Bar    

High head applications, up to 100m    

Wide rated voltage, working from 90V-260V    

Water shortage protection    

Auto-Restart from water shortage    

Low standby power consumption, energy saving    

AS model also has below features    

1L pressure tank for pressure buffer    

Timing function for water tower refill    

Workable with different types of pump including deep well pumps  


Rated Voltage: 220V-240V    

Frequency: 50/60HZ    

Max Power: 0.1-2.2 kW    

Inlet/Outlet: 1"/ 1"    

Starting Pressure: 0-10bar    

Max Head: 0-100m    


Protection Grade:IP65    

Max Liquid Temp.: 80℃    


High head applications

Garden and light irrigation

Tank to tank transfer

Submersible well pumps(AS model)



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