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Pump Troubleshooting

Water Pumps Troubleshooting Guide

Nov. 03, 2023

Water Pumps Troubleshooting Guide

Water Pumps Troubleshooting Guide


Water Pumps Troubleshooting Guide

The pump does not run

The pump is not powered on. Check the power supply.

Short circuit. 

If it keeps happending, the cable or motor is faulty.

Check the short circuit protection and test the power cables and motor. If there are issues with the power cables or motor, please contact customer support.
The motor has thermal protection. When the motor stator temperature exceeds 130 degrees, the thermal overload switch is activated.Eliminate the overload fault, cut off the power supply and wait 3-5 minutes until the thermal overload switch is reset.
The motor is buzzing but doesn't run.

Check if the impeller is tangled, causing pump jamming. 

Check and replace the capacitor.

Water Pumps Troubleshooting Guide

The pump runs but no water comes out

Low Supply Voltage to the MotorCheck the input circuit and voltage to ensure that the motor is receiving an adequate power supply. Verify that the voltage meets the requirements specified by the pump's manufacturer.
Blocked Pipes or Pump ComponentsClean and clear the pipes and pump to ensure smooth water flow.
Air in the PumpPrior to starting the pump, it needs to be primed by filling the pump body with water to eliminate any air inside. Make sure the pump is primed properly before operation.
Inadequate Inlet SizeIf the pump inlet size is too small, it may restrict the water intake capacity. Consider replacing the inlet pipe with a larger diameter to improve water intake.
Insufficient Suction LiftIf the water source is located far away from the pump, the suction lift may not be sufficient to draw water effectively. Try reducing the suction lift by bringing the water source closer to the pump or using alternative methods to reduce the vertical distance.

Water Pumps Troubleshooting Guide

The pump vibrates

Foreign Objects in the PumpRemove the foreign objects to restore smooth operation.
Difficult Pump RotationInspect the pump and manually rotate it to identify any issues or obstructions that may be hindering its rotation. Troubleshoot and address the problem accordingly.
Loose Power ConnectionCheck the connection points and reestablish a proper connection if necessary.
Inadequate Pump FixationMake sure the pump is properly anchored or fixed to prevent excessive movement.

Water Pumps Troubleshooting Guide

The pump lift is not sufficient

BlockageCheck for any blockages within the pump that may be impeding its lifting capacity. Clear the blockage to restore proper functionality.
Incorrect Pump SelectionReplace with a more suitable pump that can meet the desired specifications.
Closed ValvesEnsure that all relevant valves are open to allow for proper water flow and lifting capacity.

Water Pumps Troubleshooting Guide

The motor is overheating

Insufficient VoltageAddress any voltage issues that may be causing overheating.
BlockageClear the blockage to restore proper motor function.
Pump JammingTroubleshoot and resolve any pump jamming issues that may be leading to motor overheating. If necessary, seek assistance from customer support or a professional technician.
Blockage in Discharge PipeClear any blockages in the discharge pipe that may be restricting water flow and causing the motor to overheat.
High Ambient Temperature or Poor VentilationEnsure that the pump is located in an environment with adequate cooling and ventilation to prevent excessive heat buildup.
Seized BearingsReplace the bearings to address the issue.
Motor MalfunctionContact after-sales if the motor itself is faulty.

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