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Why Choose a VFD pump for domestic pressure boosting?

Jan. 04, 2023

For large-sized houses or villas, they may encounter with insufficient water pressure during the peak hours of water consumption when multiple water taps are running at the same time. A water booster pump is helpful then. 

There are various booster pumps to be selected, however it is recommended to use a variable-frequency-drive pump(short for VFD pump) which is ideal for household pressure supply and it increases your comfort all the year along.

Let’s take HYDROBOX 900 as an example and illustrate how comfort it brings. 

Why Choose a VFD pump for domestic pressure boosting?cid=44


Constant Water Pressure by Smart Variable Speed Control

The variable speed control maintains a constant water outlet pressure when there is pressure change within the pipeline.

If you use a common water pump, it is obvious that the flow is large when opening one tap and becomes smaller when opening two taps.

With the VFD pump, it maintains the same pressure at multi taps running together. 

Why Choose a VFD pump for domestic pressure boosting?cid=44

When install the HYDROBOX900, set a pressure (defaulted 3 Bar, can be adjustable), and it offers the same pressure at every water outlet even when you bath, dish and laundry at the same time.

HYDROBOX900 uses high-precision pressure sensor to detects the pressure change and transfers the signal to the drive board. The drive board adjusts the motor speed accordingly to keep the outlet water pressure at the same volume. It reduces the pressure fluctuation and improves water using comfort. As the water flow doesn’t increase suddenly, it will not damage the pipeline and increase risk of pipe leakage.

Why Choose a VFD pump for domestic pressure boosting?cid=44


Auto start and stop, energy saving and noise free

Pump model selection is normally based on the full load point. A regular water pump runs at the power frequency and wastes lots of energy. While a VFD pump can change its power frequency to reduce the load and only consumes necessary power. In this way, it reduces energy consumption, lowers pump loss and extend the pump service life.

In brief, the VFD pump can adjust the motor speed automatically to suit the system requirements. If the water consumption is low, it will run at a lower speed which saves energy consumption while meets the water demand as well.

For example, HYDROBOX900 starts and stops automatically according to the flow rate. It applies permanent magnet motor with wide voltage and 85% motor efficiency, improving total system efficiency while reducing power consumption by 30%-60%. 

Why Choose a VFD pump for domestic pressure boosting?cid=44

What's more, the inner box is covered with high density flame-retardant and sound-proof cotton that isolates the pump noise greatly and especially suitable for indoor installation.


Reliable quality and simple operation

HYDROBOX is designed with Italian technology and built with durable materials and accessories. The interactive control panel is easy to change pressure setting and running mode. Total system is programmed with overal protections for simple and safe operation.

Why Choose a VFD pump for domestic pressure boosting?cid=44

Comfort is very important for domestic water use. The VFD pump provides comfort in water using while conserves energy consumption and protects environment at the same time.

If you are facing the problem of pump selection, contact us for free. 

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