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Hydrobox900 Q&A

Dec. 04, 2023

Common Questions and Answers
Q: How does the HYDROBOX900 home booster pump work?A: The HYDROBOX900 pump integrates the permanent magnetic motor, multistage centrifugal pump, inverter control, pressure tank in one unit. It utilizes the intelligent controllers to monitor real-time water pressure and adjust the pump speed accordingly, ensuring a constant water supply.
Q: Can the HYDROBOX900 pump be used for both indoor and outdoor applications?A: Yes, the HYDROBOX900 pump is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, such as boosting water pressure for showers, taps, and garden irrigation. But it is suggested to use a rainproof cover or shield to prevent the pump from rain.
Q: Does the HYDROBOX900 pump require a separate pressure tank?A: No, the HYDROBOX900 pump does not need a pressure tank. It comes with a 1L internal tank used to absorb the shock of water hammer. The only instance where an external pressure tank is needed is in older homes that have undetected piping leak, an extra larger tank could compensate the pressure loss and ensure a better pump performance.
Q: How easy is it to install the HYDROBOX900 pump?A: The HYDROBOX900 pump is designed for easy installation and can be connected to existing pipework with the flexible installation kit.
Q: What is the maximum water pressure that the HYDROBOX900 pump can deliver?A: The HYDROBOX900 pump can deliver a maximum water pressure of up to 5.0 bar.
Q: What is the starting pressure of the HYDROBOX900? Can it be adjusted?The starting pressure of the HYDROBOX900 can be adjusted. By calculating the difference between the desired pressure setting and the F001 parameter, the starting pressure can be determined.
The default setting pressure is 3 bar, and the default F001 parameter is 0.8. Therefore, the default starting pressure is calculated as (3 - 0.8 = 2.2 bar). This means that the pump will start running when the water pressure drops to 2.2 bar.
If you wish to adjust the starting pressure, please keep the following tips in mind:
1)Ensure that the water pressure in the piping system is lower than the adjusted starting pressure.
If the water pressure is higher, the pump may not start.
2)The F001 parameter must be equal to or greater than the sum of the F006 parameter and 0.3 for the adjusted starting pressure to function properly.
Q: Can the HYDROBOX900 pump handle hot water?A: The max.liquid temp. of HYDROBOX900 is 55℃. Make sure that your water doesn't reach higher temp.than this for proper operation.
Q: Can the HYDROBOX900 pump be used in areas with high mineral content in the water?A: The HYDROBOX900 pump is designed to handle clean water or liquid similar to water features. If your water contains minerals or other particles, please add a prefilter or consult the manufacturer before using.
Q: Can the HYDROBOX900 pump be used in locations with low ambient temperatures?A: The HYDROBOX900 pump can operate in an ambient temperature around 0-45℃. It is important to ensure that the pump is protected from freezing in low ambient temperature conditions.
Q: Does the HYDROBOX900 pump operate quietly?A: Yes, the HYDROBOX900 pump is engineered for low noise operation, providing a quiet and comfortable user experience.
The pump noise under rated flow is around 50db.
Q: Is the HYDROBOX900 pump energy-efficient?A: Yes, the HYDROBOX900 pump features an energy-saving motor which bears 85% motor efficiency and intelligent control system, optimizing energy consumption and reducing costs.
Q: Does the HYDROBOX900 pump have built-in protection features?A: Yes, the HYDROBOX900 pump includes various protection features such as dry-run protection, overload protection, overheating protection, over-voltage, low-voltage, pump crash, leak alarm and error alarm protections for safety operation.
Q: Can the HYDROBOX900 pump be used for boosting water pressure in multi-story buildings?A: Yes, the HYDROBOX900 pump is capable of boosting water pressure in multi-story buildings, up to 3rd floors and 8 taps at the same time.
Q: Does the HYDROBOX900 pump require regular maintenance?A: The HYDROBOX900 pump has a maintenance-free design, but it is recommended to perform periodic checks and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for optimal performance.
Q: Can the HYDROBOX900 pump be used with well water or borehole water sources?A: No, the HYDROBOX900 pump doesn't have self-priming ability.
But it has 6m self-suction depth which can allow it draws water from lower ground level by proper operation.
Q: Does the HYDROBOX900 pump have a warranty?A: Yes, the HYDROBOX900 pump typically comes with a warranty provided by the manufacturer.
The warranty duration may vary, so it is advisable to check the specific terms and conditions.
Q: Where can I find additional support or troubleshooting assistance for the HYDROBOX900 pump?A: For additional support or troubleshooting, you can refer to the user manual provided with the pump or contact the manufacturer's customer support for guidance and assistance.
Q: What's the dimension of this pump?The size of the HYDROBOX900 is 427x210x224 mm, with a net weight of 10kg.

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