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Centrifugal Pump

Hot Sale Centrifugal Pump-SCPM series

SCPM128:370W,Q max.is 70L/min, H max.is 18m    

SCPM146:550W,Q max.is 90L/min, H max.is 25m    

SCPM158:750W,Q max.is 100L/min, H max.is 30m    

SCPM180:1.1kW,Q max.is 110L/min, H max.is 38m    

SCPM200:1.5kW,Q max.is 115L/min, H max.is 43m    

SCPM300:2.2kW,Q max.is 120L/min, H max.is 48m    



The SCPM pump is designed for clean water and non-corrosive liquids, known for its high efficiency, power-saving features, and compact structure, making it convenient to operate and maintain. It finds extensive applications in both domestic and civil sectors, including water distribution in small to medium pressure systems, liquid transfer, as well as garden and allotment irrigation. To maximize performance, save energy, and ensure long-term durability, it is recommended to install the pump in an enclosed or weather-sheltered environment for smoother water flow and ease of operation and maintenance.



Easy to operate and maintain

Installing it in an enclosed or weather-sheltered environment ensures optimal performance and durability


Domestic Use

Pressure Systems

Garden Irrigation

Working conditions

Maximum ambient temperature up to +40℃

Maximum fluid temperature up to 80℃

Maximum pressure up to 10 bar


Pump body:cast iron

Motor housing:aluminum

Motor:closed, externally ventilated

Impeller:brass/S.S optional


Duty:continuous rated

Mechanical Seal:steatite ceramic/metalized carbon 

Hot Sale Centrifugal Pump — SCPM series

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