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Sewage Pump

SVX-Submersible vortex pump



The SVX submersible pumps in stainless steel are recommended for draining sewage water in domestic, civil and industrial applications, in every case where there are solid bodies in suspension, for example water mixed with mud, groundwater, surface water.

They are suitable for draining flooded areas such as cellars, underground car parks, car washes, for emptying cesspools and for sewage disposal.
These pumps distinguish themselves for their reliability, which can be best appreciated under automatic operating conditions in fixed installations.

Use and Features

SVX series single and three-phase sewage submersible electric pumps are the most advanced and ideal sewage disposal equipment at present. The pump has a unique design of over-current components, a wide high-efficiency area, full head (no overload), and can operate efficiently and safely in a large flow range. The large channel anti-clogging design of the impeller enables the pump to efficiently transport fluids containing impurities, long fibers, etc. of solid particles with a diameter of 35 mm. The downdraft structure and stainless steel and special cast iron are selected for thorough drainage and corrosion resistance. After the float switch is equipped, it can automatically control the start and stop with the change of the liquid level. The motor is equipped with a protector that will automatically cut off the power supply when it encounters overheating or overcurrent, ensuring the safety and reliability of the pump in harsh environments.

Liquid type: Sewage water

Uses: domestic, civil, industrial

Applications: emptying tanks, drainage, dirty water - slightly solid particles

Typology: submersible

Family: submersible pumps


Conditions of use

Based on the center of the impeller, the depth of submersion shall not exceed 5 meters;

The temperature of the conveying medium should not exceed 40℃;

The PH value of the conveying medium is 4~10;

Kinematic viscosity of conveying medium: 7×10-7~23×10-6-6㎡/s;

Maximum density of conveying medium: 1.2×10³kg/m³


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