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Grinder Pump

Stainless steel sewage pump

Industrial stainless steel sewage grinder pump



SVD Submersible sewage cutting pumps are designed with a cutter which can cut the solids into small pieces so that they can be led away through pipes of a relatively small diameter .

Operating Limits :

Max. Depth : 5m

Max.fluid temperature : 40 °C

Max.passage od suspended solid body : Dia .30mm


Motor :

Two-Pole induction motor (n=2900r/min)

Insulation Class B

Protection IPX8

With Capacitor and thermal overload protection


Material :

Pump body : Cast Iron

Impeller : Cast iron , heavy duty open impeller

Motor shaft : Stainless steel

Mechanical seal : Silicon carbide /Graphite ,with oil barrier chamber and inner lip seal to protect

The seal in the event of dry running


Applications :

SVD pumps are used in Pressurized systems , such as in hilly areas and for similar applications .

Sewage from restaurants ,hotels, camping sites, HVAC OEM, Irrigation and Agriculture.


The main market for this pump are for European countries .

Warranty:2 years

Customized support:OEM, ODM, OBM 

Certification:CE & RoHS


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