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SWQ-Cast iron sewage pump

Submersible sewage Chopper pump with cutter impeller manufacturers



Stream SWQ is spiral vortex impeller pump with strong cutter, tougher materials and stronger performance. It is suitable for draining dirty water in domestic and civil applications and for pumping dirty water containing suspended solids except sand, pebbles or screws.

Cast Iron Sewage Pump


General household lifting systems

Farm plant waste water draining

Schools, municipal sewage draining

Commercial and industrial sewage water treatments

Performance range

Power range from 1HP to 12HP

Flow rate up to 140 m³/h

Head up to 48 m


Features and advantages:

2-pole induction dry-motor


Vortex impeller with strong cutter ring

Great efficiency with low consumption

Flange standard ISO7005-92

Insulation Class:B (F on option)

Protection Class:IP68


Working conditions:

Liquid temperature:0~+40℃

No sand, pebbles, screws or other solid materials to prolong the service life of cutting system

Make sure liquid is enough before the pump runs to prevent the motor burning.


SWQ-Cast iron sewage pump

Auto coupling is available which is used to fix the bottom of the pump and allows the pump to be raised and lowered without emptying the chamber, making repairs and maintenance easier and more cost effective.


For more details about Flow, head and other parameters, please leave a message below to get a sample booklet for selection.


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