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Garden Pump

Submersible Dirty Water Pumps — SPB series

The dirty water submersible pumps for both clean and dirty water transfer and drainage.



SPB series dirty water submersible pumps are ideal for draining pools, garden ponds, water tanks, hot tubs, flooded areas, basements, and other dirty water areas.
They are designed for use around the home and garden, including irrigating gardens, powering water features, and removing unwanted water. 


.Vortex Impeller, for large solids passage up to 35mm
.Automatic Float Switch, control the pump on and off automatically
.Multiple hose adapters, fit for various sized hoses
.Mechanical Seal, dual seals for double leakage protection
.Thermal Protector, add more protection to the motor


.Building pits
.Flooded areas
.garden ponds and pools
.plants watering and garden irrigation    

Working Conditions

.Liquid temperature: up to 35 ℃
.Max. grain Size: 35 mm
.Max.submersion depth:8 m

Construction Materials

.Protection class: IPX8
.Insulation class: B
.Power supply: 230V/50Hz, single phase
.Sealing: mechanical seal

Performance Curve & Technical Data

Submersible Dirty Water Pumps——SPB series


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