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Garden Pump

Garden JET Pumps

Garden JET Pumps for water supply and pressure boosting around the home and garden.



The garden JET pumps are supplied with plastic or stainless steel pump head, iron pump handle and aluminum motor casing for clean water application only.They are equipped with on/off water proof switch for easy operation.

Both pressure switch and pressure tank are available to combine for automatic pump control systems.


Model Selection

SGS/SGC——Single JET pump for pressure supply

SGS/SGC-E——With electronic pressure switch for automatic pump control

AUTO-SGS/SGC——Integrated pumping system for automatic control, stable and low noise for domestic waterworks.



Self priming JET pump, high delivery head up to 46m

Comfortable carry handle, portable transportation

Pump on/off button, easy operation

Different pump control, for garden irrigation and domestic waterworks

Thermal protector, for motor dry-run protection



Water supply and drainage in garden irrigation.

Lifting water from a shallow well or underground tanks

Domestic water supply to taps, toilets flush, laundry and bath rooms, etc

Technical Parameters

Garden JET Pumps

Garden JET Pumps

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