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Garden Pump

Submersible Clean Water Pumps

The clean water submersible pumps for water drainage from pools, hot tubs and other clean water areas. 



These clean water submersible pumps are specially designed to remove water from: 

-Swimming pools, 

-Spas and hot tubs,

-Hydroponic nutrient solutions,

-Flooded basements

-Other clean water areas.

They can also used for plants watering and garden irrigation. 

Model Selection

SPA-The most popular clean water pump at a great price, light weight and durability

SGP-Stainless steel construction for anti-corrosion

SNQ-Compact design, excellent performance ratio

SQ1A-Internal float switch for space-saving, smart and reliable


-Impeller design, for clean water passage and large flow capacity

-Float Switch, control the pump on and off automatically.

-Multiple hose adapters, fit for various sized hoses. 

-Mechanical Seal, dual seals for double leakage protection.

-Thermal Protector, add more protection to the motor.

Technical Parameters

Clean Water Pump

Clean Water Pump

Clean Water Pump

Clean Water Pump

Working Conditions

Liquid Temperature: Up to 35℃

Protection Class: IPX8

Insulation Class: B

Power Supply: 230V/50Hz, Single phase

Max. Grain Size: 5mm

Max.Submersion Depth:7m


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