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Garden Pump

Clean water pump

Clean water garden pump for Swimming Pool Garden Tub Pond Flood Drain



Garden Pumps for Clean Water are used for pumping drainage and ground water. They are indispensable for pumping clean water from basements, storm drains, etc. Can be used for watering and irrigation.

This series of products includes:

SPA common garden pump at a great price, lightweight,durability

SGP Pump body made of stainless steel - anti-corrosion

SNQ compact design, excellent performance ratio

SQ1A internal float switch , space-saving easy, smart, and reliable

Performance reference

Clean Water Pump

Liquid temperature up to 35℃

Degree of protection:IPX8

Insulation class :B

Main powe:1~230V,50Hz

Max. grain size: 5mm


Impeller, pump body, different models can be customized and changed

Flow, head and other parameters, please leave a message below to get a catalogue for selection


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