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Garden Pump

Low Water Level Submersible Pump — SSM

Submersible clean water pump with 5 mm low suction depth



The SSM submersible pump is a clean water pump designed for low water depth.
It is built with low suction chamber and non-return valve that can suck water to really low level without water back flow.
The SSM pump is only for clean water with solid passage below 5mm. It is equipped with a float switch which controls the pump on and off depending on the water level. Under low depth demand, the float switch should be fixed vertically to allow continuous operation to lowest water level.    


.Non-return valve, avoid water back flow and allow low water residue
.Float switch, control the pump on and off automatically
.Float fixing device, fix the float vertically for continuous operation and .low water level
.Comfortable carrying handle, easy to hold and durable in use
.Multiple hose adapters, fit for various sized hoses
.Upgrade construction, reliable and robust for long service life
.Thermal protector, add more protection to the motor    


.Garden ponds
.Water features and fountains
.Water recycling
.Water transfer    

Working Conditions

.Liquid temperature:Up to 35 ℃
.Max. grain size:5 mm
.Max.submersion depth:7 m    

Construction Materials    

.Protection class:IPX8
.Insulation class:B
.Power supply:230V/50Hz, single phase
.Sealing:mechanical seal

Performance Curve & Technical Data

Low Water Level Submersible Pump


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