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Sand filter pump system

Sand tank filter is an important equipment composed of swimming pool water circulation system. Generally, the swimming pool has a sand tank filter in the circulation system. The sand tank filter provided by our company can remove suspended solids (such as hair, sand and other solid pollutants in the swimming pool water) There are many different specifications and models, which are suitable for all kinds of swimming pool water filtration and composition circulation system.

Filter  Features

-Extra-thick one-piece tank is blow molded of durable polymeric material with UV-resistant surface assures all-weather performance and long service life.

-Top mounted, clamp-style, 1.5" multiport valve with pressure gauge provides all necessary filter operations.

-Filter functions: 1.Filter 2.Waste 3.Closed 4.Backwash 5.Rinse

-Special internal design ensures the water is exposed to maximum sand surface area for efficient filtration and backwashing.


Pump Features

-Durable corrosion-proof housing provides all-weather performance and ensures long life.

-High-performance motor with integrated thermal overload protector offers proven performance and quiet operation.

-Extra large strainer basket with see-through lid for easy inspection and cleaning.


Model: 0.25HP/0.35HP/0.5HP/0.75HP/1HP

Tank volume: 26L/38L/71L

Flow range: 5m³/h—11.2m³/h

Pool capacity: 40m³—90m³

If you want to know more info about the working principle and applications, please read the article here.

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