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Pool Pump

Pool Pump

Above Ground Pool Pumps



The swimming pool pump is the heart of the swimming pool circulation system, which transmits chemicals through the swimming pool to disinfect its water supply. Pool pumps facilitate the circulation process by drawing water from the pool's main drain and skimmer, sending it back through the filter and back into the pool. These devices eliminate algae and debris while increasing chemical success.

In operation, the pump's motor shaft provides energy to the impeller, which rotates the volute and increases the velocity of the water. As the water moves to the outer edge of the impeller, it creates a vacuum. In response, the volute changes speed, causing water to flow through the piping system.

Pumps are suitable for all types of applications, from small residential swimming pools to public swimming pools.


Product range of swimming pool pumps

SPPE series

SHT series

SAPE series

SCPE series

SWP series

SWK series


Parameter overview

Model: 250w-3000w

Flow range: 170L/min—560L/min

Head range: 3m—15m


-Single or three phase

-Silent Operation

-Concise design

-Class F

-Liquid temperature≤60℃

-Can resist chemical in swimming pool

-Nice performance


-Anodized motor body

-Overload protection

-Huge pro-filter for less cleaning maintenance

-Heighten pump base to keep water pump off water or moist working environment

-Arrange drain device of water pump


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