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Peripheral Pump

Premium Peripheral Pump-SDB Series

Performance Upgraded Peripheral Pump



SDB series peripheral pump are able to offer high pressure in relation to comparatively low powers and which have particularly steady operating curves. Suitable for pumping clean water and chemically non-afggressive liquids only, without sand or other solid .


Be qualified in domestic fitting, to increase the eystem pressure in aqueducts

Irrigation, garden sprinkling

Swimming pool pumping


-Good performance and stable operation

-Stream exclusive design appearance lines

-High efficiency and energy saving

Performance Range

SDB60, 0.37kw, Q max. is 40L/min, H max. is 38m, 220V/50Hz/60Hz

SDB70, 0.55kw, Q max. is 45L/min, H max. is 55m, 220V/50Hz/60Hz

SDB80, 0.75kw, Q max. is 46L/min, H max. is 65m, 220V/50Hz/60Hz

Operating conditions

Maximum ambient temperature up to +40℃

Maximum fluid temperature up to 80℃ 

Maximum pressure up to 10 bar


Pump body: cast iron

Motor housing: aluminum

Motor:closed, externally ventilated


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