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Peripheral Pump

Premium Peripheral Pump-SDB Series

SDB60:0.37kW, Q max. is 40L/min, H max. is 38m

SDB70:0.55kW, Q max. is 45L/min, H max. is 55m

SDB80:0.75kW, Q max. is 46L/min, H max. is 65m



The SDB series peripheral pumps offer the advantage of delivering high pressure while consuming relatively low power. They exhibit remarkably stable operating characteristics. These pumps are designed for the transfer of clean water and non-corrosive liquids, provided they are free from sand or other solid particles.

Thanks to their reliability, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, these pumps are ideal for domestic purposes, particularly in conjunction with small pressure systems and for garden and allotment irrigation.


.Good performance and stable operation

.Stream exclusive design appearance lines

.High efficiency and energy saving


.Pipeline pressurization

.Garden irrigation

.Domestic water supply

Working Conditions

.Maximum ambient temperature up to +40℃

.Maximum fluid temperature up to 80℃

.Maximum pressure up to 10 bar

Construction Materials

.Pump body:cast iron

.Motor housing:aluminum

.Motor:closed, externally ventilated



.Duty:continuous rated

.Mechanical Seal:steatite ceramic/metalized carbon

Performance Curve&Technical Data

Premium Peripheral Pump-SDB Series

Premium Peripheral Pump-SDB Series

Premium Peripheral Pump-SDB Series


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