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Intelligent Surface Pump

Intelligent Whole House Shielded Booster Pump




Permanent magnet shield booster pump has the advantages of quiet, safety, energy saving, small volume, water tight and so on. It is very suitable for home water heater, solar energy, air energy, water purifier, intelligent toilet pressurization, and it can be used with pipeline circulation equipment.


Operating Conditions

The temperature of pumping liquid does not exceed 100 ℃ and the ambient temperature dose not exceed 40 °C.


Technical Parameter

Pump body : Engineering plastic

Pump support : Shielding sleeve

Motor housing: ABS plastic

Impeller and rotor : PPO plastic and ferrites

Rotor shaft : 99 Ceramics


Performance Range

Power : 55 - 78 kw

Max flow : 1.5 m³/h

Max head: 13 - 18 m

Voltage: DC-24



Electric pump speed: (n=5000-10000 r.p.m)

Insulation: Class F

Protection: IP55

Continuous service: S1

Thermal protector

Single-phase: 24V



Plug-in and use

The operation of water pump is controlled by pressure sensor and flow switch

Water shortage protection

Automatic opening of water supply

Overcurrent protection

Overvoltage protection

Light sound, about 20-30 DB


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