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Circulation Pump

Circulation Pumps With Flange

In-Line Hot And Cold Water Circulation Pumps With Flange



STREAM SXR series circulation pump,are designed for water circulation in heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water systems. SXR has a full-caliber specification model , which can efficiently and simply meet the user's parameter needs.

Flange circulating pump has higher flow rate and higher head


Boiler/Hydronic heating

Ground-source heat pumps

Radiant floor heating

Hydronic and fan-coil heating

Solar heating

Heat recovery/heat pumps.

Commercial air conditioning

Commercial heating

Commercial hot water recirculation

District cooling

District heating

Domestic hot water recirculation

Domestic heating


Industrial heating



-Multi-speed operation:adaption to the system requirement

-Quick and simple electrical installation

-Dry-running protection protects the pump against dry-running during startup and normal operation

-Easy to clean and lime-resistant

-High-quality wet-runner technology :Low noise

-Corrosion resistant impeller and pump housing



Fluid temperature range:-10℃— +110℃

Ambient Temoerature Permissible up to 40℃

Degree of protection:IP44

Insulation class :H

Main powe:1~230V,50Hz

Impeller, pump body, different models can be customized and changed

Flow, head and other parameters, please leave a message below to get a sample booklet for selection


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