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Pump Accessories

Surface Pump Accessories

Pressure Controller,Pressure Tank,Pressure Gauge,Pump Pipe Fittings——Surface Pump Accessories



This page mainly introduce surface pump accessories, including valves, connectors, pressure switches, pressure tanks, etc. Consumers can replace the accessories by themselves, and traditional pumps can also be made smart with pressure control accessories.

Pressure Controller

The pressure controller completely replaces traditional pump control system composed of pressure switch, pressure tank and check valve,etc. Automatic reset after stop caused by dry running, adjustable pressure.

Pump Accessories

Float switch, running capacitor with round shape, pressure gauge, mechanical seal, anti vibration flexible with elbow. Original accessories, easy to replace and economical.

Pressure Tank

It plays a role in balancing the amount of water and pressure, avoiding frequent replenishment. Small pressure fluctuation range, safe and saving.

Valves and Connectors

FV foot valves, check valves, 3-way connectors, 4-way connectors, 5-way connectors. Various models, applicable to various types of pumps.


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