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Construction Pump

SPK530- 1.0mm Puddle Pump

Portable Dewatering Pump Of Construction Areas



SPK530/SPK530A Submersible Residual Pumps

Stream SPK530(A) is residual dewatering pump, able to pump down to the floor, even the smallest puddle can be pumped dry. It is the best pump for complete drainage of flat surface.

Even little water could be drained to less than 1mm by SPK530, equipped with an exclusive one-way valve, water can not surge backwards.



Ideal for complete drainage water from flat surfaces where a sump is not available

Removing water from areas like cellars, basements, car parks, rooftops, garages, road ways and construction sites


Features And Advantages

Start up at any water level

The specially designed bottom plate enables the pump to drain down to 1mm water level

One-way check valve holds prime and prohibits back flow through pump when stopped

The water-cooled design provides maximum motor cooling efficiency, allowing continuous duty operation at low water levels

The discharge connector can be converted into horizontal direction, according to the requirements of use

Wear-resistant materials are used for easy-wearing parts to improve their durability and maintain pump performance

The built-in motor protector can automatically cut off power when it over current or overheat, which guarantee safety and reliability when the pump operate in the atrocious environment

SPK530- 1.0mm Puddle Pump

Working conditions

Maximum immersion depth is 5m

Liquid temperature:0~+40℃

The PH of liquid is 6.5~8.5

Passage of solids is less than 6mm




Impeller:TPU 201 insert

Shaft:201 stainless steel

Motor Frame: Aluminum Alloy

Mechanical Seal:Silicon Carbide, with 3 static rings

Cable: 6m Epoxy-glue integrated cable

SPK530- 1.0mm Puddle Pump


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