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Domestic Surface Pump

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Domestic surface centrifugal pump



This page mainly introduce stream's SQB series surface pump, which can be used for garden sprinkler, villa pressurization, swimming pool pumping, also qualified in domestic fitting, to increase the system pressure in aqueducts. It is a very suitable for household, small flow with high head pump.

SQB60: High efficiency and energy saving, universal for families
SQB70: Performance upgrade, more versatile

SQB80: Head max.is 65 meters, meeting all family needs

SDB60: High efficiency and energy saving, the best choice for household

SDB70: Good performance and stable operation

SDB80: Low flow and high lift, can be used with pressure tanks


Simple structure, easy to install

Stable performance, safe and reliable

Cost-effective products

 Hot-selling product series in the Middle East market

The SQB series feature is simple construction, economical, reliable and safe. It’s a cost-effective product and very popular in the Middle East market.

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