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Self-priming JET Pump

Plastic JET Pump —SJETP

Popular Lightweight Self-Suction Pump



The SJETP pump seies are injection clean water pumps, which are composed of a centrifugal pump and a nozzle, with plastic pump body and spare parts. SJETP series are suitable for pumping clean water and non-aggressive liquid.


Supply water from well and pool

The automatic distribution of water by surge tanks and pressure switch

Garding, and pressureboosting etc


-Aluminum pump body, lightweight and compact

-Self-priming in short time, reliable performance

-High head and deep suction

Performance Range

SJETP60: 0.37kw,Q max. is 42L/min, H max. from 38m, 220V/50Hz

SJETP80: 0.55kw,Q max. is 46L/min, H max. from 45m, 220V/50Hz

SJETP100: 0.75kw,Q max. is 52L/min, H max. from 50m, 220V/50Hz

Operating Conditions

Maximum ambient temperature up to +40℃

Maximum fluid temperature up to 80℃ 

Maximum pressure up to 10 bar


Pump body: plastic

Motor housing: aluminum

Motor:closed, externally ventilated


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