Large Flow: Axial flow impeller makes large flow performance
Qualified Material: Italy import mechanical seal to ensure the pump seal performance
Safe: Cable wires are upgraded by filling Epoxy to raise humidity resistance
Compact Size: Simple structure stainless steel pump housing and compact cylindrical design help to save more space
Energy Saving: For low head applications, TMP pump saves power than centrifugal pump with same flow.


Water circulation for oxygen replenishing and water supply and drainage in fish ponds.
Irrigation of rice fields, etc.
Drainage of large water volumes with improvement work for irrigation ditches, etc.
Transport to bypass waterways.
Water supply and drainage for pools, ponds, etc.

Working Condition

The maximum immersion depth is 5m
Water temperature range is 0~60°C
The PH scope of water is 6.5~8.5
Passage of suspended solids in water is less than 0.2mm

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