1.even little water could also be drained to less than 1mm
2.Equipped with an exclusive one-way valve, water cannot surge backwards
3.Only with a small socket wrench, the outlet direction could be easily changed to "vertical" or "horizontal"
4.More durable wear resistance, more stable performance
5.Automatic start or stop as the changes of liquid level(SPK530A)
6.No more worries about motor overheating


Ideal for complete drainage of flat surfaces where a sump is not available, such as rooftops, parking lots, garages, roadways, pools
Widely used in homes, industrial and mining entrerprises, construction site and other places

Condition of Usage

The Max. Immersion depth is 5m
Liquid temperature range is 0~40℃
The PH scope of Liquid is 6.5~8.5
Passage of suspended solid in water is less than 6mm

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