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Intelligent Pressure Controller
Installation of intelligent controller makes ordinary pump intelligent, simpler and more advanced

Working Principle
■ Auto start the pump either by pressure lower than Starting pressure or by flow switch open. when starting the pump, it allows 3’20” self-priming time to prime the pump in case. (timing can be modified before ex-works)
■ Stop the pump automatically by flow switch closed. Stop the pump in the case of water shortage. it will continuous running 3’20”, then will stop the pump.
■ Able to adjust the starting pressure easily by +, – button, to suit different working circumstance

■ With built-in pressure sensor & flow switch & non-return valve
■ Starting Pressure: 0-10bar (adjustable)
■ Max. Rated Current: 10A, up to 2.2KW motor
■ Max. Allowable Pressure: 15bar
■ Wide Voltage Range: 90-265V
■ Frequency: 50/60Hz
■ Max. Ambient Temp.: 40℃
■ Max Liquid Temperature: 80℃
■ Protection Degree: IP67 (PCB with anti-humidity epoxy resin)
■ Energy Saving
■ Joint Screw: G1″male
■ Able for horizontal installation.

Widely workable with different type of pump, including deep well submersible pump for self-priming, and also automatically sense the max. pressure of pump, and then to set by certain percentage of max. pressure as “Starting” pressure automatically. No manual setting of starting pressure in Auto Mode.




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