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Hydrosmart Series

HYDROPHA-High Efficiency Circulator Pumps

Motor Power:25~60W


Flow Range:2.2~3.8m³/h

Head Range:4~7.5m

Connection Size:1",1-1/2",2"

System Pressure:1.0Mpa

Liquid Temp.:-30℃ ~110℃

Ambient Temp.: 0℃ ~ 70℃




The HYDROPHA is a high efficiency circulator pump designed for low energy consumption and versatility to various system demands. It is built with ECM permanent magnet motor and internal sensor to detect the system changes and adjust the motor speed accordingly to satisfy the system demand.


High Efficiency ECM Motor, at least 65% energy saving

Multiple Control Modes, one pump for all circulator needs

Interactive LED Control Panel, easy operation

Compact Design and Quick Plug-in, simple Installation

Multiple Protections, more reliability

Super Low Noise, high comfortability

Control Modes

Multiple control modes available

Auto adaptable mode

Proportional pressure

Constant pressure

Constant speed


Domestic hot water supply systems

Domestic heating systems

Air conditioning systems

Solar thermal system

Industrial hot water circulation systems, etc

HYDROPHA-High Efficiency Circulator Pumps

If you want to know more about how the high efficiency circulator pump differs from the traditional fixed-speed pump, read the article here:

What Is A High Efficiency Circulator Pump?


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