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Drainage Pump

SQD-Submersible Pumps with Aluminum Casing

Light weight and Efficient Clean Water Submersible Pumps



The SQD type submersible pump is designed for pumping clean water in a variety of applications. With an aluminum casing, it is light weight and provides excellent heat dissipation, making it an ideal choice for use in both domestic, residential and agricultural uses.


-Lift water from underwater to rooftop water tanks

-Raise water from groundwater to surface reservoirs

-Drain fishpond,sump pit,sites water, etc

-Farm irrigation


-Aluminum casing for lightweight and good heat dissipation

-Good hydraulic parts for both high head and large flow demands. 

-Upgraded design for improved performance and longevity

-Durable and corrosion-resistant construction

-Float switch for easy control and operation

-Wide power range for a variety of applications

Model Selection

SQD-Submersible Pumps with Aluminum Casing

Working Conditions

-Submersible Depth: 5m from impeller centre

-Maximum Fluid Temp.: 40°C

-Maximum Solid Size: 0.2mm

-Protection Slass: IPX8

-Insulation Slass: B

-Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz(60Hz on option)


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