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Why You Need A Hot Water Circulation Pump?

Oct. 14, 2022

Why You Need A Hot Water Circulation Pump?cid=4

Have you ever been troubled by the chilled water coming out especially in cold weather? Are these chilled water draining away wasted? 

Use a hot water circulation pump ensures the instant hot water, avoid waiting time and save water consumption. If you’re looking for a better and comfort living life, you need this hot water circulation pump. This is a little pump that achieves great life comfortability.

In this article, we will introduce more about the hot water circulation pump and how it works.


What is a hot water circulation pump?

A hot water circulation pump is a type of pump that circulates hot water inside the domestic heating systems and supply constant water temperature on demand.

It is common that when we open the faucet, cold water flows out for seconds or minutes before the hot water comes out. It is because the unused hot water turns cold in the pipe when no one using water. Whenever we turns on the faucet, the cold water inside the pipe will be pushed out through the faucet before the hot water. The longer the pipe distance between the water heater and the faucet, the longer time it takes to get the hot water. This is inconvenient especially in cold days, and it wastes lots of water.

Luckily, the hot water recirculation pump helps solve the problem. It draws the unused hot water back to the water heater and maintain the constant water temperature throughout the whole system. Whenever we want to use the hot water, it comes out on demand. This can be used in many purposes such as heating buildings or providing instant hot water for showers.


The Structure Advantage of A Hot Water Circulation Pump

The hot water circulation pump is featured with compact design and special construction. It can resist high water temperature, work in ultra silence and be installed freely in the water pipe.

-The unique shield cover isolates the rotor inside and lead to ultra low working noise.

-The wet rotor works longer than traditional motor and allows few intervention and maintenance.

-The high temp.resistant impeller and the ceramic shaft allows water temperature up to 110℃.

-3 Speed control helps to use the lowest power and save electricity.

-Compact and inline structure allows easy installation and maintenance. 

Why You Need A Hot Water Circulation Pump?cid=4

How to Choose A Hot Water Circulation Pump for Your Home

Installing a hot water circulation pump is an energy efficient way to supply constant hot water for the family and save money on utility bills. Before you choose one for your home, there are many factors that need to be considered as below:

- The size of your home

- The number of bathrooms in the house

- The type of pipes you have in the house

- The type of insulation you have in the house

- The cost of the pump

Conclusion: The Benefits of Installing a Hot Water circulation Pump in Your Home

Having a hot water circulation pump in your home is an efficient way to improve your life quality. No need to wait for the water heating up in a cold slimy day, instead hot water coming instantly.

Meanwhile, it saves a pretty amount of your water bill and conserves tons of water per year for environmental protection. 

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