SPP Series.


Pump inlet:DN100-DN500 mm
Pump outlet:DN80-DN450 mm
Capacity H range:8m-60m
Operating speed:50Hz-1450rpm or 2900rpm,60Hz-1750rpm

Operation Condition:

Pulp consistency:≤5%
Solid content:≤30%
Max Viscosity:300cP Normal temperature(24℃)
Working Temperature Range:-20℃ - 100℃
When working temperature exceeds 100℃,shall clarify and in advance
Max Allowble Working Pressure(MAWP);PN1.MPa

How to Read the Pump Model:

125--Suction flange diameter;DN125(mm)
SPP--SPP series open-impeller pulp pump
120--Duty point capacity:120m3/h
40--Duty point head:40m
A--Time of cutting for impeller:A is the first time;B is the second time
QF--Material code Q=Ductile lron,Shaft seal code F=Dynamic sral with auxiliary impeller

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