SN/SM 6"


SN(SM) Series 3 - Phase Asynchronous water submersible motors are filled with water, chiefly used to directly drive deep well pumps in 6", 8", 10", 12" casings in order to lift under ground water for city and industrial water supply as well as for mine drainage and farm irrigation.

These motors are perfect in design and simple in construction with the features of low - noise, energy efficient excellent performance reliability and easy maintenance.

Bearings of latest design are made of best quality materials, thus the motor can operate under high axial thrust and longer motor run life can be guaranteed.

For lift underground water from wells or reservoirs
For industrial water supply
For mine drainage and farm irrigation

Operating Conditions
Completely submerged in clean water, no chemical corrosives
Highest position of motor: below moving water level but no deeper than 70m
Lowest position of motor: no less than 5 meters to well bottom
Maximum sand content: 0.01% (by weight)
Maximum fluid temperature up to +30°C
PH figure of water: 6.5-8.5
Slowest flow rate: 0.5m/s
Motor should be operated in vertical

Continuous duty
Speed: 3000rpm
Three-phase: 380V/50Hz, 660V/50Hz
Maximum voltage deviation: ±5%
Maximum frequency deviation: ±1%
Motor bearing’s permissible axial down thrust see below table

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