SGA series stainless steel stamping pump are suitable for applications requiring high capacities with moderate flow; This pump is a single-stage, single-suction centrifugal pump in conformity with ISC2858-77 standard. Its main components are made with advanced technology and process, which could give high precision, smooth surface, high efficiency, low noise, little vibration and light weight. It is widely applied in petrochemicals, food stuffs, drinkers, pharmaceuticals, electric power, textile, environmental protection, and water supply for high building etc.,

Range of Performance

Flow rate up to 80l/min
Head up to 100m

Limits of Use

Max fluid temperature up to 90°C
Max working pressure up to 10 bar

Construction Features

Pump Body: cast iron, with flanged suction and delivery and supplied with threaded counter flanged
Shaft: 45#steel/stainless steel
Impeller: cast iron impeller and bracket (on request)
Brass impeller available for all models
Motor: Two-pole, closed, self-ventilated induction
Insulation Class: B/F
Protection Class: IP55
Duty: continuously rated
Mechanical Seal: ceramic steatite
All pumps are available in the three-phase version: 230V/400V-50HZ or 400/690V-50HZ for rating higher than or equal to 5.5 kW.

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