Water supply and transfer in municipal and industrial applications
Water treatment plants
Air-conditioning systems
Circulation in cooling and heating systems
Irrigation and sprinkler pumping stations


Pump inlet: DN50 - DN100 mm
Pump outlet: DN32 - DN80 mm
Capacity range (Q): 4.5 m³/h - 240 m³/h
Head range (H): 10m - 100m

Operation Conditions

Operating speed: 1450 ~2900 rpm (50HZ), 1750 ~ 3500 rpm (60HZ)
Max. Viscosity: 1Cp, Normal temperature (24°C)
Working Temperature Range: -15°C ~ 105°C
Max. Allowable Suction Pressure (MASP): PN0.6MPa
Max. Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP): PN1.0MPa or PN1.6MPa

The Direction of Rotation

The rotation of the pump rotor is clockwise looking from the motor to the pump.

Pressure Limits

Standard hydrostatic test pressure
The standard test pressure is calculated as follows:
1.2 x (HQ=0+ HInlet) or 1.5 x (HQ=Qopt+ HInlet) , The higher value is to be used
HQ=0 ----- Head at close the valve
HInlet ----- Pump max. inlet pressure
Qopt ----- Pump operating point

General Description

SCA series single stage end-suction bare shaft pump is based on new technology. It is successfully designed based on long-term technology accumulation and the experience of domestic and overseas advanced technology.
The casing is end suction and radial discharge design. Its discharge centerline and shaft are in the same vertical plane. The casing is directly fixed on the base-plate.
The pump is back-pull-out design, which allows disassembling the casing cover and rotary components without removing the pipe. The mounting frame is supplied with two ball bearings, lubricated by grease or engine oil.
The suction and discharge flange, the casing and pump foot are all cast to a whole.
The pump complies with DIN24255 and BS EN733 standard, which have high interchangeability.

The Driving Type

The motor drives the pump through the flexible coupling directly.

Operating Limits

Operating range : 0.5 to 1.2 x Qopt
Qopt ----- Pump operating point

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