5SM Series

Close coupled multi-stage submersible pumps in chrome-nickel stainless steel.
Hydraulic part under the motor and motor cooled by the pumped water for safe operation also with the pump only partially immersed.
Double shaft seal with interposed oil chamber.
The suction strainer prevents the entrance of solids with diameter bigger than: 2mm


Insulation class: F
Protection class: IP68
Water temperature up to 35°C
Minimum internal diameter of well: 132mm
Minimum immersion depth: 100mm
Maximum immersion depth: 20m (with suitable cable length)
Continuous duty
Power: single-phase: 0.55 kW ~ 1.5 kW
three-phase: 0.55 kW ~ 1.5 kW
Cable length: 15m


For water supply from wells or reservoirs
For domestic use
For civil and industrial applications
For garden use and irrigation. Utilization of rain water

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